Rainbow At The End Of The Storm

It all began with a “.” It was the strangest pick-up line I’d ever heard but it peaked my curiousity. I knew he was “the one” soon after, when our first date in public involved going to church. Our relationship grew into one that was centered on God, honesty, respect, and friendship. I couldn’t have been any happier. After a few months I said “YES” to the man of my dreams.

AA87  AA59

Shortly thereafter we set the date. Josh and I were so excited we couldn’t contain ourselves. Then came December 3rd, a day I will never forget. Josh was working on top of a building when he fell 13 feet, and landed face first onto concrete. The fall resulted in severe head trauma, two skull fractures, many brain contusions, a collapsed lung, several facial fractures, and broken ribs. During the first 72 hours doctors closely monitored Josh’s brain pressure, and placed him on a ventilator as well as in an induced coma.

When Josh was brought out of the coma 4 days later, he told me he had been praying the entire time. His strong faith in God, healthy lifestyle, desire to watch his children grow, and goal to marry his best friend – all kept him going. I’m sure his sense of humor helped too, one of the many things I love about him. Only a few hours after being awake he looked at me and asked, “will you marry me tomorrow”. I still wonder if that was an excuse to break out of the hospital though. 🙂


Josh spent 2 weeks at Methodist hospital and nearly 3 weeks at the Rehab Hospital of Indianapolis, before coming home in January. He had a difficult time realizing what day or month it was, but never forgot our wedding date. May 30th became a goal for Josh, he was determined to speed up his recovery so he could walk down that aisle.

Josh has continued to amaze the doctors and has even finished all of the required therapy. The word “miraculous” has been used to describe him over the past 6 months. I’m reminded on a daily basis how proud I am of him, and the fact that he truly is a walking miracle.

We have passed the “better and worse” situations with flying colors, and probably been through more than some couples have in a lifetime. So when the wedding countdown finally said “0 days left” we were both on cloud nine, not just because it was our wedding day but Josh had met that goal. The morning of the wedding I just sat there and thought of all the tears, laughter, frustration, and prayers we shared together over the past year. It made me want to hug him and never let go, but we were waiting until 1:00 to see each other for the “reveal” photo session.

AA79  AA199

AA155  AA169

We found the best photographers (Studio 1492 Photography) ever to capture our special day. Nowelle and Miranda arrived at 11:30 to take photos of us girls getting ready and stayed until 7:30 that evening. There were so many great photos that I wish I could share all 1100.

AA435  AA533

Our wedding day seriously felt like a country fairy tale. The ceremony took place in front of a hitching post, which was next to a one room cabin in the pasture on my family’s farm. All of us girls (the maid of honor, bridesmaid, flowergirls, and myself) rode on a horse and carriage down the gravel lane. Josh, his dad who was the best man, his brother-in-law the groomsman, and Doug Hardy who married us, were waiting with the rest of our guests when we arrived. It was so peaceful and perfect. Everyone was nervous about rain that we could see in the distance, but things went as planned. After the ceremony the rain held off long enough for us to ride the carriage to my parent’s house, where the reception was already getting started in the shop.

AA957  AA965

AA1115  AA1111

During the reception severe weather arrived in the area. Then while we were dancing to “My Wish” for the father daughter/mother son dance, I looked out the shop door to see the best wedding present…a double rainbow. It was so bright! And the end of the rainbow was literally in the field next to the shop! I never knew it was possible to see the end of a rainbow. We tried running outside to take pictures but the rain and wind made us wait for a few minutes, until the sky turned blue and clear. I felt like both rainbows were presents and best wishes for a long, bright, happy life together, from God and all of our relatives who have passed on. As the two rainbows faded away and joined together as one it seemed like symbolism of Josh and I coming together as one in marriage. And when the sky turned bright blue, it made me hopeful that maybe we will have a colorful, exciting future but with better health and less troubling times than we did during our engagement. It couldn’t have been a better ending to a fairy tale wedding.

(All photos in this post were taken by Studio 1492 Photography based out of Columbus, Indiana)

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