A Man Riding On Faith

What would you do if you saw a man riding his horse down the road, with a mule and dog, and it was apparent they had been on the road for quite some time? Would you drive on past? My dad came across this situation and decided to lend a helping hand. He came into the barn explaining what he had seen, and asked for my help in taking water to the animals. Eager for an adventure my cousin, parents, and I filled up a tank of water, along with other items, and traveled down the road.

Along the side of the road, was a man from Kansas, named Bryan Brant. Standing by him was his horse (Abbey), mule (Jack), and dog (Pepper). After providing him and the animals with food and water, Bryan began to tell us about the journey he was on. On June 12, he began his journey in Illinois along the Mississippi River, traveling through Cairo and Shawnee. After more than 600 miles and two months later, he arrived to my hometown. He plans to ride even further, matter of fact he is heading to up state New York, then hopefully to Ontario, Canada.

Bryan decided to ride across the country on horseback with both his family and horses in mind. Not only is he promoting the idea of horse travel and the genocide on horses, but his family heritage as well. Bryan was related to the Mohawk Indian, Chief Joseph Brant, otherwise known as Thayendanegea. He is known for his efforts in unifying upper New York Indian tribes, and the establishment of an Indian reservation near Brantford, Ontario. To determine whether the British would help the Mohawk recover their land, Chief Joseph Brant was sent to England and met with King George III. After his efforts to secure peace treaties, he was awarded with a grant of land (675,000 acres) on the Grand River in Ontario. This became known as the Grand River Reservation for the Mohawk, which is the destination Bryan hopes to achieve.

Over the course of his journey, Bryan has been keeping a journal and plans to write a book once he is reunited with his family. He already has so many stories to tell, from the storms he has been drenched in, to the people who have helped him along the way. One of my favorites was about him going through the McDonald’s drive-thru with Abbey, Jack, and Pepper. Wouldn’t that be an interesting site to see?

However, not everyone has been so welcoming. Bryan said the police in my hometown asked him to leave the town square, because the parks department complained his horses were eating the grass. Then when my dad first saw him, the Sheriff was pulled over talking to Bryan because someone had called in. I find it intriguing how some people jump to conclusions and assume things without even giving someone a chance. Perhaps my family and I view things differently than others. Like most things in life, I look at it like a piece of art. There’s always a story to tell, and more than what meets the eye. Once you look at an image from different viewpoints and begin to analyze each detail, you are provided with a deeper meaning and purpose.

So back to my first question, what would you do? Would you assume and move on by? Or would you stop with an open mind and find out the true story?

11 Comments on “A Man Riding On Faith

  1. I saw this man in Harrison, Ohio yesterday, 8/23/2012. Did he say if he has any way of fans keeping track of his journey on a daily basis? Would love to know where he is at today.


    • Mike,

      When Bryan’s phone has enough charge he typically updates his Facebook status, telling about his journey and where he has been. He hasn’t posted anything since leaving the Miami Whitewater campgrounds this morning. Thank you for reading my post about Bryan’s journey.


    • On facebook, under his name. Bryan n clara Brant He Stopped by my home and met with my wife and 3 children on August 13 Just west of Columbus, Indiana. We welcomed him at our home for about 3 hrs giving his animals and himself a chance to relax and Have something to eat. It was a truly awe inspiring time just listening to his experiences. At the time Bryan and his crew had to leave, i advised bryan, his crew and him are welcome here anytime.. and yes, he has built quite the following. 🙂


  2. I met Bryan today in Monroe, Ohio by Traders World. He was walking by the train tracks with his animals.What a Great Guy!!! What is his Facebook page? I can’t seem to find it. I am very honored to have met and talked with him a spell.. He was even kind enough to let me take a picture with my phone. I wish him all the best!!!


    • Bryan is very inspiring. His Facebook page is Bryan N Clara Brant. I appreciate all of the comments. If anyone has stories they would like to share about their encounter with Bryan, please feel free to share.


  3. I saw Bryan yesterday at Tractor Supply in Fairfleid Twp. He was heading down Rt. 4 to Rt. 63 and going to make his way up north to Springfield and eventually Yellow Springs. We gave him grain, dog food and a bit of cash then wished him well. What an awesome guy.


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