Creative Portfolio

Check out the video below to view Jennifer Mohr’s favorites projects, spanning from her college internships to her career at Elwood Staffing.

Elwood Staffing:

After college, Jennifer Mohr began her career at the Elwood Staffing corporate office. She designed informal and formal learning solutions to meet organizational needs, while analyzing and selecting the most appropriate strategies, methodologies, and technologies to maximize the learning experience and impact.  Mohr held the same role of eLearning Developer for 6 years, until she was promoted to Senior eLearning Developer.  In her new role, Mohr proactively built and maintained strong relationships with SMEs, while producing engaging and effective learning solutions, utilizing excellent written communication skills, assessing and integrating technology options, identifying learning gaps and devising action plans, evaluating learning programs and designs, and exhibiting mastery of all Learning and Development software.

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Key accomplishments throughout her career at Elwood Staffing include the following:

  • Incorporated rapid instructional design strategies to quickly produce instructional packages.
  • Collaborated with bilingual coworkers to develop the company’s first Spanish online course.
  • Evaluated, rebuilt, and shortened the web-based training program for new hires. Learning gaps were solved and hands-on activities added.
  • Questions and auto-generated reports were created to measure effectiveness, behavioral changes, and business impact of learning programs.
  • Constructed a payroll certification program that significantly decreased payroll errors.
  • Boosted the number of interactive online courses from 10 to 274, while being the only developer.
  • Introduced and incorporated the ADDIE model, ISD, microlearning, and m-learning concepts.
  • Played a key role in implementing and was administrator for the Learning Management System.
  • Collaborated with and produced video segments and online courses for top international clients.
  • Developed and launched the company’s first branching scenario and cartoon simulation.
  • Pioneered creation of the Learning and Development team’s design standards and process.


Franklin College:

Jennifer Mohr was a photographer and multimedia member of the Franklin College’s newspaper (The Franklin), as well as editor of the literary magazine.  Samples of her photographs (including the ones she received awards for) are shown below, as well as assignments from her favorite classes.



Media Design (class)



Cummins Inc. – Safety, Security, and Sustainability Intern

During three internships with the company, Jennifer Mohr acted as a liaison with Corporate Graphics and suppliers to design various signs, presentations, brochures, badges, and flip books.  Excellent organization skills were also used to develop lesson plans and presentations for facilitated safety training, manage training records, collect needs assessment data, and aid in audit preparations.  Mohr also collaborated with the Chief Technical Officer to compose a visitor center brochure, and played a key role in natural disaster cleanup, while ensuring the safety of employees. Samples of Mohr’s projects are included in the video above.

Girls Inc. – Communications Specialist Intern

During Mohr’s internship with Girls Inc., she designed postcards, support forms, a cookbook, and new logo to celebrate the Johnson County location’s 70th anniversary.  In addition to creating and teaching programs that focused on self-esteem and confidence,  she taught kindergarteners computer skills, as well as interacted with at-risk youth on a daily basis, building mentoring relationships, and empowering girls to succeed.  Due to protecting the identities of these at-risk youth, samples of Mohr’s designs are not permitted to be shared.

Caterpillar Inc. – Safety Specialist

Mohr also interned at Caterpillar Inc., where she designed and implemented floor labels, performed daily and monthly audits, assisted with safety classes, and partnered with engineers to design cell work areas.  Due to the highly confidential work she performed, samples of Mohr’s projects at Caterpillar are not permitted to be displayed.