Outdoor Adventure

There’s nothing like breathing in fresh country air, closing your eyes and listening to the critters, knowing that the only things in close vicinity are nature and God.  The 70 degree weather this weekend encouraged me to go on long walks, not only because my body physically needed it but I craved the emotional break.  I may not be normal…well ok we all know I’m not, but going on a 3.5 mile walk is like hitting the reset button for me.

Half way through my peaceful walk I heard something moving in the thicket right next to me…a BIG something.  I stopped to listen more intently and of course it stopped too.  When I started walking again so did the mysterious creature.  At this point I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  What in the world could this big creature be?  All of a sudden a deer jumped out and sprinted in front of me.  After realizing my life wasn’t in danger I got out my phone and captured the creature’s escape on video.  Friday night a wild turkey flew out of that same thicket, and very angrily let me know I was intruding on his turf.  I really wish I would have gotten that one on video! What kind of critter will be  next?

I caught myself smiling as I continued to walk.  What was I thinking?  “God is great!  God is good, all the time!”  It amazes me at how intricately God created each thing on this earth, including the human eye so we can visually see his creations.  If life on Earth is this beautiful and perfect what is Heaven like?  How many other colors of beauty are there?  I wondered why he decided dandelions should be yellow, how he devised the process of pollination, and how he chose the seasons that all things partake in.  Yes it was getting pretty deep! 🙂  It just absolutely astounds me how God designed everything with the perfect plan and purpose.  When was the last time you thanked God for his amazing creations?  For the gift of sight?  For walking with you daily, protecting you from harm?

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