The First Snow of 2016

S***!!  Yes, I’m talking about the “S word”…SNOW!  It arrived for the first time this year.  Where did you think I was going with that? 🙂


Anxious to capture some “knock your socks off” photos, I wrestled on my pink carhartts and set out on an adventure by foot this morning, with the good ol’ camera as my sidekick.  Snow is one of the most difficult things to photograph, which is why I was so eager to get out there.  Most of the time, the images will turn out blue instead of white.  With such a long hiatus from photography, that’s how my photos started to turn out.  So I made my way to the wooded area of our backyard to connect with nature and get back into the game.

To give you an idea of just how fierce the wind was, here’s a short 9 second video.

Pretty crazy huh?!  Just watching that makes me want to curl up under a blanket and drink hot chocolate.  Well, I did just the opposite.  I stood there as the wind brushed against my cheeks, nearly knocking my hat off…and closed my eyes.  I wanted to take it all in, to focus on something other than the awful wind that made walking difficult. Off in the distance I could hear birds chirping.  They sounded so happy about the fluffy white stuff that fell from the sky, as if it was a new toy.  I opened my eyes and began searching for the cheerful little creatures.

I was about to end the search when whoosh…a red bird fly past me.  It may or may not have gotten a little squeal out of me. 🙂  With a bit of adrenaline going I tracked the bird, and wouldn’t you know it – this beautiful bird and quite a few others were hanging out right next to the house (where I started my adventure).  It just goes to show that sometimes we are so distracted that we don’t see what’s right in front of us.


I stalked (for the lack of a better word) the beautiful family of birds for a good 30 minutes.  You see, to me they were more than just flying creatures.  Growing up my mom always said that if I saw two red birds next to each other, flying freely and enjoying life, that it was my grandparents watching over me.  So when I saw 3 bright red birds, along with a few of their fellow friends, I felt like I was watching a group of guardian angels flying about.  It was such a calming experience…the perfect inspiration to rise above the challenges in 2016 and focus on my creative abilities.


Yard decor that my dad made me out of things laying around the farm.  How creative?!

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