2015, the year I will never forget

2015…the year God had been preparing me for my whole life.  People (including me) always say that everything happens for a reason.  But have you ever found yourself thinking: “Why in the world did that happen?  How could it possibly be for a good reason?” I know I have.  Several times actually.  But in 2015 the puzzle came together.  All of the unanswered prayers I was frustrated about and the hard lessons I’d learned over the years, had molded me into a strong woman who could endure anything that came my way.

In 2015 every area of my life was impacted by change, requiring me to use my Superwoman, Elastigirl, and “Jill of all trades” abilities.  Yes, I pretty much transitioned into a hybrid superhero. 🙂 In the first 6 months of the year, I became a caregiver, wife (YAY!), and step mom.  That’s a lot at one time but taking on each role was a privilege!  I never would’ve had the strength to get through the year without faith that was unbreakable, and the support I received from God, family, and friends.


A year ago today (only 6 days after ringing in the New Year), I watched a miracle unfold with my own eyes as Josh came home…something we were all afraid would never happen after the accident.  From then on I was business woman by day and caregiver by night, all while keeping up with the new household responsibilities.  Every day I just sat in awe, amazed at how Josh was still alive – able to breath, walk, talk…God was the only answer that seemed possible.  While his recovery was miraculous it continued throughout the year, and will extend into 2016. We are so ecstatic to have a future together as a married couple, and that he has healed so well.

Along with the new roles I transitioned into, in the first six months of the year: I moved from the farm to our house, planned our dream wedding and made it come true, was captain of the company’s March of Dimes team,  and kicked things up a notch at work – excelling into a strong, dedicated business woman. It’s amazing I only have one grey hair. 🙂

2015 taught me to place all of my faith in God no matter what, stand strong and embrace change, enjoy every moment because each second is a precious gift, and to never let anything stop me from smiling.  It may have been a crazy year, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Since 2015 was a bit of a whirlwind, I’m sure you all understand why the blog was a bit neglected.  But my goal for 2016 is to give myself some TLC (because I need it) and the blog too. 🙂 In 2016 I hope to:


1.) Adjust my schedule to include at least 45 minutes of exercise daily, and hopefully lose those first year of marriage pounds.

2.) Read the Bible in its entirety.

3.) And to post at least once a month to this blog.  Yes, this blog is coming back to life, with intensity!

2016…Imaginative Jen is coming back with a fresh perspective and hopefully lots of exciting photos!!

Let’s do this!


2 Comments on “2015, the year I will never forget

  1. jenny, very proud of you. GOD always provides ,prayers r a great weapon cause it works! I know when vicki had breast cancer twice GOD healed because he heard thousands of prayers from all of us. when I had open heart surgery it was the same plus I had no pain.when I was in crh God put a old bluegrass song that ran all time thru me by the band hot rize and it rang and still rings true, see what the LORD has done! love you,josh and mom & dad. danny & vicki


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