Do you ever feel like someone or something is watching you?

Hate that creepy, awkward feeling?  Well, this weekend I was walking through the kitchen when I saw something brown casually move past the window.  I panicked a little at first thinking someone was peeping in the window. CREEPY!  Then another went past the window.  What is it a whole group of creepers?!  I quietly snuck up to the window and peaked out to see who was there.  I’m not sure what I had planned to do if it were peeping Toms.  To my surprise these scary brown figures turned out to be two deer.  They were hanging out near the front porch, under a small tree.

The photographer in me took off running for my camera. (In quiet ninja mode of course) By the time I got back to the window, our little visitors had began walking down the driveway, so I was only able to capture a photo of one of them.


I tried being sneaky, and quietly went outside for a closer look. (Still in ninja mode of course.  I wish someone had been video recording this whole thing.)  But unfortunately, I learned I would be a TERRIBLE hunter because the deer scattered into the corn field.  That and I would much rather shoot them with my camera than a gun, I’m just too much of an animal lover.

Seeing these surprise visitors encouraged me to get outside and take a few photos. With all of the rain we have had lately there’s been very few opportunities to get outside, and it actually be enjoyable.  Taking photos of nature is like therapy for me, and makes me so thankful for all of life’s blessings.  I especially loved the bee photo. Not only is the detail remarkable (I never new bees had red/orange on them), it was entertaining watching the bee move from flower to flower.  Click on the photos below to see an enlarged version of them individually.

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