A Little Miracle

On January 30th a little girl arrived into the world. She had long white eyelashes, a spotted nose, four wobbly legs, and a very tiny body. No, I’m not talking about a human. The newborn was a calf. It was extremely cold the day she was born, so her weak body was carried into the shop where she could get warm and be nursed to health. To tell you how tiny she was, the bottle typically used for newborn calves was too big for her mouth, and instead a newborn goat’s bottle had to be used. Now that is small!


Ten days later, the weak little calf who once wasn’t able to stand on her own, can now be seen roaming around the big barn lot. It’s adorable to see her tiny body compared to other calves who are much younger. For example, the calf pictured below is only four days old, yet double her size.


So far, fifteen calves have been born on the Bense farm this year and still plenty more to make their grand entrance. It’s wonderful seeing little miracles being born on the farm, and even more precious being able to hold them in your arms.

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