A Breath of Fresh Air

As I stood there amongst the snow-filled winds that swept across my cheeks, I closed my eyes and took a slow deep breath. A refreshing chill traveled through my lungs and all the way to my fingertips, where my index finger was resting on the shutter button of the camera. Photographing the wind as it whipped through the air, creating a mystical snowy haze, was so revitalizing and empowering that it felt as if God was releasing a fresh breath of pure air across his beautiful creation.


Once the winds calmed down it was time for a snowy adventure, of course with my camera in hand. We came across a car that was stuck in a large drift. Thankfully help was on the way to pull them out, but it made me think…sometimes as we are traveling down a path in life that we are determined to follow, obstacles slow us down, and sometimes we may even feel stuck. Without those drifts that blow in front of us, forcing us to let off of the accelerator, would achieving those life long dreams really feel worth it? These experiences give us the motivation to work harder and appreciate the goals we are working towards. Without God’s presence and breath of purity, it would be easy to find the wrong path in life. As I sat there thinking of the experiences I have went through, it made me thankful that God has and always will be by my side, directing me down the right path.


Speaking of paths, check out another road that was a piece of the adventure. As we approached the large hill ahead, I could see the bright lights of a slow-moving snow plow. We never would have made it down that road if it wasn’t for the snow plow, clearing the path ahead. The pile of snow resting in the side ditch was literally taller than the mirror of the truck. It was quite the adventure!


snowpathSo what was the perfect ending to the day? Once we turned off of the curvy, snow-covered road and headed west, placed perfectly in the sky was one of God’s beautiful paintings. And it all started with a breath of fresh air, whew!


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