Painting the Sky

What is your reaction within the first few seconds of seeing a sunset? Do you glance at it, think of how pretty it is, then move on? Not me. When I see a sunset I wonder what life would be like without ever viewing that passionate moment. And question, if it only occurred once in a lifetime, would we have more of an appreciation for the beauty? Then of course I reach for my camera, so I can look back at the awe-inspiring image.


My eyes interpret sunsets in a different view than most people. I imagine as if the sky is a canvas, and an artist is painting the sky with bright colors, representing their happiness and passion for life. The paint strokes leave behind fluffy, angelic clouds that surround the glowing horizon.

Art is a perfect outlet in allowing people to express themselves, and share their feelings with others. So when I see a stunning sunset, I see it as God being the artist, sharing his feelings of how precious life is and how indescribable the Heaven’s are above. If the occasional bright, colorful sunset makes us speechless, I can’t even begin to fathom how incredible is it in Heaven.

KittensAll of these thoughts poured through my mind, as I ran to snap a clear picture, with no objects obstructing the view. This was quite entertaining itself as I ran in my dress clothes, with four kittens running between my feet, almost making me fall in the mud. But capturing the glorious images were well worth it. The first photo I shot had the shape of a cross directly in the center of the sunset. Perhaps the artist wanted their viewers to know where their heart was, that their love will never fail, nor will it ever change.

Painting the Sky

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