The Stunning View of Autumn

Which season do you enjoy photographing the most? As a photographer I delight in capturing images during all times of the year. There’s positive aspects about each season, but they also come with their challenges. If I had to choose one, I would say fall is my favorite season.

So why am I captivated by autumn? I love the bright colors, that appear to jump out of photos. When I look at my surroundings, I use a special set of lens, my eyes, that allows me to analyze objects differently than any ordinary person. At times I feel as if my eyes are constantly snapping photos throughout the day, trying to find the perfect perspective for each object. I’m thankful for the gift of appreciation that has been given to me. No words can describe the joy I feel when I see a picture-worthy image, or the excitement that overcomes my body as I’m in “photographer mode.”

My favorite “autumn moment” occurred two years ago. My mother and I were driving down a road we commonly take, where we watch the wildlife. A storm was blowing in, which caused the leaves to blow like crazy in the wind. Before we knew it we were in the middle of falling leaves all around us. It was so beautiful, even when leaves smacked me in the face as I tried to take photos.

With the drought this year, I was concerned fall wouldn’t be as beautiful. However, the leaves turned out to be absolutely stunning, and I found myself smiling from the breath-taking images. Below are 24 of the images I shot during autumn, which were photographed down on the farm.

What is my piece of advice for this post? Appreciate the things around you, allow your eyes to zoom in and focus on the beauty. Be careful to not just photograph the obvious, and always have spot color in mind.

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