Reliving the Past

“Greensburg Power of the Past” is an event designed to promote antique machinery, and educate the public of its historical impact. Sometimes we become so consumed by today’s technology and advancements, that we forget how things used to be. Just like in my previous post about Bryan Brant, people used to travel by horse quite frequently, but in the current day it’s rare. Think of what life would be like without technology and cars. Could you survive without your cell phone?

Taking a step back in time, my family and I attended the event. After walking through the flea market area, we saw a man off in the distance, sitting under a shade tree with his animals. Our immediate thought was, “I bet that’s Bryan.” Due to curiosity we walked over, and sure enough it was. Earlier that day he participated in one of the activities, which was a wagon train. The settlers of North America traveled in a train of covered horse-drawn wagons, working together in their journey to the frontier. It seemed perfect that Bryan had the opportunity to partake in the event, as he is on his journey. I wish I could have seen the twenty some wagons going on the 20 mile long excursion, what a breathtaking image that would be.

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After visiting with Bryan, Jack, Abbey, and Pepper, we made our way to the antique machinery. As I was in my “photographer mode,” I noticed a small detail in my photos. On the front of one of the antiques was the words, “Columbus, Indiana.” This caught my attention, as I live close to there. After researching, I found out that The Reeves Company, which produced steam engines and saw mills, at one time was one of the largest factories in southern Indiana. In 1899, the company held seven U.S. and three Canadian patents, along with one in England and France as well. There were so many interesting facts I found about the company during my research. If I didn’t pay close attention to the details, I never would have known such powerful machinery was created close to home.

Like I stated before, sometimes we become so caught up and blinded by life today, that we forget about the steps made that got us where we are. Perhaps that is why I am so intrigued by Bryan Brant and his journey, because he is literally taking the same path his ancestors did. When people see him riding through town and hear about his story, they reflect on the past, and appreciate life today. Bryan is currently taking a three-day rest in Yellow Springs, OH. When he first made it in to town he stopped at Dino’s for coffee. When he walked in, the local and Cleveland news were there waiting to interview him. As Bryan often says, his journey always leads him to where he is supposed to be, and the people whose paths he is destined to cross.

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