Symbolizing Power and Freedom

Bison have been an important icon throughout history, starting with prehistoric cave drawings. Due to their notability, bison symbolize power and freedom. They were almost extinct in the past, but now according to the National Bison Association, there are approximately 220,000 head of buffalo in the United States. Of that number, Yellowstone has the largest free roaming bison population in the world, totaling to 3,500 head.

While researching about the animals I found tons of interesting facts. Such as, did you know that the average lifespan of a bison is 20-25 years? Or that even though they are large in size, they can run up to the speed of 40 miles per hour?

While driving down the road, I came across this unusual site. I have always been intrigued by the Native American history due to my heritage, so with the relationship between buffalo and Indians in mind, I was captivated by the scene.

What makes this a good photo besides the historical meaning? The dominant aspect of the image is the larger buffalo. Placing it in the middle of the photo would have decreased the photo’s rating. However, I strategically placed it off to the left, with a smaller one to the right, which provides balance for the photo. Remember, balance is the key to great photography. Other strong points include contrast, color, and detail.

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