Burgess Falls

This summer I visited Burgess Falls, located in Tennessee. After a two mile hike we were presented with a beautiful scene, a 130-foot waterfall. Prior to becoming a natural area in 1973, there was a gristmill, sawmill, and powerhouse on the site.

The falls pictured above is the largest of three waterfalls that is located at the scenic area. Water was cascading off the sides, a magnificent image to see.

From a photographical standpoint I love the foreground, middle ground, background that is present. To begin, the foreground has great detail and contrast. It draws you into the image and the diagonal shape leads right to the waterfalls, the most important part of the photograph. The settings I had on my camera were perfect, and I was able to catch droplets of the water as it came over the rocks. I love how the falls is an unusual shape that resembles a horseshoe, perhaps it is good luck. Then in the background you see the greenery and rocks once again, which presents repetition that is interrupted by beauty. There’s so many words I could use to critique this photo, but this time I will let the image do the talking.

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