An Image In The Mist

Photographing snow was the focus of my blog just a few months ago, in December. The snow storm that occurred this week presented me with the opportunity to put my skills to the test again. The reason I love taking photos of snow is because the entire environment can be changed in less than a second, it’s just astounding. Let’s take a look at my favorite photo from the week and you will understand what I mean.

This photo is one of my favorite ones I have ever taken. There are several elements within it that together create a special image. First of all, do you see the snow that is blowing above the water? The hazy effect is one of the major factors that makes it a great image. I took several photos of this environment, some only seconds apart. There weren’t any other photos with the snow blowing, not even the one taken 3 seconds after. As I was crouched down on my knees I felt a large gust of wind coming. Call it photographers intuition, I immediately laid down in the snow and repeatedly shot photos. When I saw the blowing snow in front of me I knew right that second that I had photographed a remarkable image. Fellow photographers would know what I am talking about, it was as if the image literally gave me chills.

Notice any other elements? Well the worms eye view helps capture the detail in the grass. Without this perspective, the hazy look probably wouldn’t have been so prominent. The stump on the right adds contrast and breaks up the photo’s symmetry. The snow makes the details within the stump just pop. There’s also a variety of lines present, created by the trees and dead weeds. The weeds jump in front of the water, making them part of the foreground. Then the trees in the distance are the background. Their presence adds both contrast and balance.

I could go on and on all day talking about this photo, it’s just so magnificent in my eyes. The image was taken across the road from where I used to live. After being away from the area for a while, I am able to have a larger appreciation for it. Trying to photograph an area that you are comfortable with and see every day, could be a bad idea. Your appreciation for the object or view won’t be as great. If you find yourself getting into this rut, change your viewpoint and look at it from a completely different perspective. I would have to say, I never looked at this environment from on my stomach. Sometimes I close my eyes for about a minute, then try photographing what my eyes focus on first. Squinting can be used for this technique as well. So my advice for this week is to photograph new environments, or ones you haven’t seen in a long time. Remember to change perspectives often and hit the refresh button.

Thank you for your viewership. Check back soon for a new post.

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