Taking It By Storm

The storm this week allowed me to practice my video skills. My focus was to capture footage of natural objects without people or animals. I was also able to reinforce my ability to create a project in a quick manner. Click here or on any of the photos below to view my video.
When I woke up on Tuesday morning I turned on the television and saw the warnings that were being reported. I immediately grabbed my camera and ran outside to photograph the wicked sky. I began by standing in the corn field as I attempted to photograph the corn shucks flying in the air, but there were so many materials soaring that the photos were a complete blur.

In response, I started shooting videos of different aspects of the storm. I knew that the rain would start pouring soon, so I was working at a fast pace. Some of the angles included: the television reporting warnings, the corn field, leaves blowing, the dark sky, trash flying, and the rain pouring. I even laid in the grass so I could create interesting perspectives.

The following day I saw a great natural object to photograph on the farm. There’s a seedcorn processing building that is no longer in use, but yet still in great condition considering it’s age. The historical site included an old fashion gas pump as well. The two objects together allowed for a great photograph. I wanted to give the building a sense of largeness in size, so I laid down in the grass. The worm’s eye angle allowed for my manipulation to occur without using Photoshop.

My advice for this week is to not be afraid of taking a chance. Most people would not run around the farm with their camera when there are tornado warnings out. However, I took my chances at getting soaked because I knew the results would be well worth it. It’s also important to be timely when taking photos. If I would have taken my videos slowly I wouldn’t have been able to have enough coverage to create a video. Most importantly, try taking advantage of and realizing the natural beauty of the environment around you. I find myself in pure amazement of how beautiful the countryside is and how easy it is to find a subject. Most of my inspiration comes from the small things that some people may overlook, such as the clouds in the sky.

There were several photos I shot this week that were noteworthy, mostly because I take my camera with me everywhere I go. If you would like to see more of my photos click here. Within the link is a variety of subjects as well as visual attempts. As always, I appreciate your viewership and hope I was an inspiration to you.

One Comment on “Taking It By Storm

  1. I really like your “Taking It By Storm” video. One of the exercises I use in class to introduce students to video is to find a point of activity and shoot it in a variety of sequences. These short sequences, when edited together, should tell a story with natural sights and sounds. Your video of the oncoming storm is a great example of such sequencing. You put viewers in the “moment” and maintain interest by moving your point of view. Each sequence builds on the previous one.

    Well done.


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