Life In The Country

Have you ever wanted to create your own music video? I sure have. This week I constructed a video of what life is like in the country. As Tracy Byrd says, “Everybody knows everybody, everybody calls you friend.” I wanted to show the way things are in the country and how enjoyable it can be. The relationships between farmers and the land as well as their animals was the main depiction I wanted to display. Click on the photo below to view the video I composed.

When it comes to creating video there’s a series of repeated camera angles that are used. They consist of: a close up of hands doing an activity, a close up of the person’s face, wide view of the environment, over the shoulder shot, and a creative angle. Once all of these views are achieved they are normally repeated several times. I learned this technique in the Interactive Media Design class that I took during the last semester of college. Since then I have became intensely observant while watching television and movies. It astonishes me that I hadn’t noticed the repetition before because it seems so obvious now. This week when I decided to create my own video I kept these perspectives in mind. I shot some video that didn’t follow these angles and some that did. When I began editing the shots I found myself bored while watching the video without these techniques. In order to spice up these seconds of video I used the Ken Burns effect, which zooms in on a particular area such as a person’s face. However, this effect is to be used wisely because excessive use can be overpowering and distracting.

Copyright is extremely important to keep in mind when it comes to creating any project. This week I found myself having issues in this area. The video I created was just for fun at first, so my audio consisted of a popular country song. I hadn’t planned on posting it online, so I wasn’t concerned about copyright. But the response from my family members as I showed them the video made me realize it was a great project that needed to be placed on my blog. So I changed the audio before uploading it online. It’s important to never take credit for someone else’s work because it is unethical. Another issue is that you don’t want your project to be great because of someone else’s work instead of your own, it minimizes your creative ability and ethical image.

I really enjoyed the project. The video images consisting of animals were recorded just as fun. Then I decided to put all of them together to show my dad because he is always asking me to take photos of his cows, so I thought this would be even better. When I was recording one of my issues was that the animals kept wanting to lick my camera, but I find that to be one of the funny parts of the video. There was also an issue with flies, which I find to be distracting. The fly spray just didn’t seem to be working, but I suppose the flies add character since there are usually seen on farms.

The rest of the video was taken while I was riding with my dad in the combine. Shooting a movie from a moving combine is a very difficult task because it’s continuously bumpy. So finding a way to keep a steady hand is important. I was sure to record at least 10 seconds for each perspective, so I could edit out the shaky parts. I turned the audio completely down and replaced it with sound effects from within iMovie, the environment inside the combine was too noisy to keep. There were so many sound effects that I would have loved to use, but they didn’t go with the images I had. So hopefully I can create another video project and be able to use those sounds.

Patience is a necessity when attempting to achieve great shots. The combine images were recorded over the course of two or three hours. The editing can take about the same about of time as well if not more. However, the part that took the longest was uploading the video online. I live in the boonies where we can’t access high speed internet. So I waited 8 hours for the video to upload using dial up.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my video. Please come back again to see the new projects I have been working on. Once again, click here to view the video I composed. Thank you to all of my viewers!

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