Challenging A Battle

Composition and design are both extremely important aspects of photography. This week’s assignment wouldn’t have been achieved if it wasn’t for my knowledge in these areas (click here to view some of my photos). I saw the sun setting and started shooting photos from the front yard. As I looked through my camera lens I realized the sun was right behind a windmill, which was surrounded by corn. I found the design boring, so I crouched down and found a more interesting angle. I became a bit frustrated because the photo still lacked in the design area, plus the sun was setting faster than I had expected. I began looking around for something to add to the photograph, then I walked past a group of weeds. So I laid down in the ditch and took photos that included my new object. One glance at my camera and I realized I had hit gold, so I took several photos with the weed in different positions.
Now why do I think this is such a wonderful photo? It all starts with the sunset that appears as an organic shape, which is unusual because the viewer expects to see a perfect circle. The glow from the sun joins the clouds in the sky as if they were one. The shape and lines in the sky are magnificent because none of them are expected. Then the organic shape of the corn joins with the calming soft edges of the weed. I find it ironic that even though there’s a battle between organic shapes and lines, the photograph gives off a sense of calmness and tranquility.








Another picture was of a barn at my house. I didn’t even try to take the photograph artistically, so I was shocked when I uploaded my findings. The domination of lines is empowering as they make the viewer’s eyes travel through the entire photo. Also, the sky is so blue that it’s appealing to the eye. The fence photographed at an angle enhances the design greatly.The environment is simple, yet complicated enough to be interesting.

There were a couple of flower pictures I took that shows a distinct design of lines. I also love the bright colors. It was hard to take the picture without my shadow being shown, but I kept trying different angles. My advice to anyone trying to become a photographer is to change positions often and to not fall into the 5’ 7” syndrome. These photos were also difficult because of the dry weather.

Leaves are also great objects to play with when it comes to finding a design full of lines. Whether they are photographed close-up or far away, composition must be constantly on your mind. For example, in the picture below the lines of the leaves are strong. Yet there are soft lines in the background constructed of branches.

As seen in the photo below, the leaves are still interesting from far away. I love the composition because it appears as a near/far. I was careful while taking the photo to not make it appear unbalanced.

I obviously took several photos this week, so many that it was hard to decide which ones I should add to my blog. My advice for this week is to not give up on an object. Amazing pictures don’t come easily and they are usually found after changing points of view. The best idea is to constantly change positions and challenge yourself.

Thank you for viewing my blog. I hope my photography is inspiring, so please feel free to ask me any questions. I’m open to advice or simply just comments as well. If you would like to view my photos, please click here. My assignment for you is to challenge yourself, don’t settle for simple.

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